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Latest Care Training Division News

Infection Control - researchers in University College London, in partnership with Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta have carried out a study to look at whether the reduction in certain levels of micro-organisms in our food, soil and gut is contributing to an increase in depression.

Published in the Archives of General Psychiatry.

Dementia Research - researchers at the University of Florence and other institutes in Italy have carried out tests which appear to confirm that even low to moderate exercise prevents the milder forms of cognitive decline in older age. Published in the Journal of Internal Medicine.

1st Aid

Vinney Jones introduced the new standards for first aid guidelines by being the front man for the British Heart Foundation TV commercial “you only kiss the misses on the lip”.  These new guidelines are easier for carers to “have a go” at the concept of basic life support.

Dementia Care

The government are setting aside a lot of resources for this area of care at the moment for research and improvement in the sector.  This follows the TV Panorama programme covering the Winterbourne Care Home problems, which highlighted the safeguarding issues that can occur behind closed doors.

CQC new arrangements

Last year CQC increased their number of inspectors to enable them to carry out inspections on a yearly basis, instead of the 3 years we have been used to in the past.  They carried out themed inspections and as a result we now have approximately 45 homes across Dorset with embargoes on them, due to “safeguarding” issues, which must be addressed before allowing new residents in.  Training of the carers is high on their agenda as they believe that if the staff are not trained efficiently then they cannot carry out the care to a satisfactory level. Last year their priority was dignity, privacy and choice which included diet and nutrition.

Latest Quality & Environmental News

BS EN 9100 (AS9100) update - The new version of BS EN 9100:2009 now covers the Aerospace, Space & Defence industries the family of quality standards also referred to AS 9100 rev C, has now been released following a review by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG).

The purpose of the various standards that go to make up the family of standards is to provide the requirements for a quality management system (QMS), which if correctly implemented help an organisation to control its processes in order to achieve objectives including improved quality, schedule and cost performance.

As the family of standard is based on the international quality standard ISO 9001, the new version is a result of the ISO 9001 revision that took place in 2008 and incorporates those changes as well as those agreed by the IAQG. To learn more about implementing a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of the AS9100 family of standards contact us.


Chine Breeze Court - June 2012

We have been working with Polly of Quality Solutions since March of this year and we find her very flexible with setting sessions and is very understanding with the needs of the home. She appears knowledgeable in the subjects she offers, and runs fun sessions that all my staff enjoys and remembers. She keeps updated with any changes that are occurring in the industry to pass on to the staff.
Mrs. Jane Morris. Manager.